Stromness Museum blog

Pictured is a handsewn toad, it is positioned mid-jump.  It has metallic green/gold body with a white underbelly.  It's mouth is open wide.
| 9th March 2022
Guest blog from Mary Grieve from the Mòti collective. The ‘Mòti at the Museum’ exhibition opens 30th March 2022 and runs until 30th April 2022.
photograph of an artwork produced by Louise Barrington.
Louise Barrington | 22nd February 2022
Guest blog from Louise Barrington from the Mòti collective.
Black and white portrait of the artists.  The artists are stood together, both looking towards the camera.  They are both dressed in black and have long straight hair with fringes.
Boyd & Grogran - Artist Duo | 7th February 2022
A guest blog from Orkney based artist duo BOYD & GROGAN of the Móti Collective on their collaboration with Stromness Museum.
photograph of a skyline with a water tower to the left
Tomas Hermoso | 24th January 2022
A guest blog by Tomas Hermoso from the Móti Collective.
a photograph of the Sea Wall, Papay, 2018 by Frances Scott
Frances Scott | 10th January 2022
A guest blog by Frances Scott from the Móti Collective. 
two figures on a beach, one is standing in a yellow outfit, and a second in lying down with their legs in the air wearing red tights.
Norna Sinclair | 3rd October 2021
Sunday 3rd October is #ScottishMuseumsDay.   To celebrate we highlighting our work with the Móti Collective, an artist group from Orkney.
two sealskin boots, one is upright and the other is positioned on its side
Katy Firth | 22nd September 2021
In this blog Exhibition Assistant Katy Firth explores the power which objects have, to connect people across time and place.   
The photograph shows limpets and dog whelks on a rock face.  The dog whelk is feeding on limpet.
Holly Young | 26th July 2021
Guest blogger Holly Young gives a fascinating insight into the dietary habits of some of the molluscs found on our shores.
A dark wooden traverse board used in navigation.  The holes in the board are used for pegs.
Norna Sinclair | 30th April 2021
Exhibition Assistant and keen sailor, Norna Sinclair shares her favourite objects in the museum's collection - the traverse boards.
Photograph of several drawers containing shells
Holly Young | 5th March 2021
In this guest blog, Holly Young highlights Robert Rendall's work on Orkney shells.