About Stromness Museum

Stromness Museum is an independent museum maintained and managed by a committee of volunteers elected from the members of the Orkney Natural History Society Museum SCIO.

It is one of Scotland's oldest independent museums, dating back to 1837 and the formation of the Orkney Natural History Society. On 20th May 2014 the trust changed its status and became a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation).

Our Mission Statement & Status:

The Stromness Museum exists to promote natural science, to preserve local history and to offer an enjoyable educational and informative experience to as large a range of people as possible.

Stromness Museum is a National Living Wage employer 

The real Living Wage is an independently calculated rate based on the cost of living and is paid voluntarily by employers. The rate is currently £10.90 and is calculated annually by The Resolution Foundation on an analysis of the wage that employees need to earn in order to afford the basket of goods required for a decent standard of living. This basket of goods includes housing, childcare, transport and heating costs.

Stromness Museum Fair Work Statement 

The Museum trustess are committed to deliver better recruitment and employment practices through resources, training, advice, in line with the Scottish Government guidance on Fair Work First as detailed at https://www.fairworkconvention.scot/. 

We encourage:

  • The creation and implementation of progressive workplace policies which improve productivity and innovation.
  • Promotion of greater workplace democracy, employee voice and commitment.
  • Better opportunities for employee development, skills development and lifelong learning.
  • The Museum does not use inappropriate zer-hours contracts.
  • Support payment of the Real Living Wage as a minimum.


Collections Development Team Project 

In June 2017, The Orkney Natural History Society Museum (Stromness Museum) were successful in securing grant funding from the Orkney LEADER Programme.  The grant enabled the museum to become more sustainable and resilient through Collections Development.  This included:

Researching and digitally cataloguing the collections, creation of a new website to make the collections more accessible and encourage more visitors.  Exploring innovative ways of disseminating information about the collections both online and through exhibitions, outreach and displays.

This project was successfully completed in October 2021. It has improved the visitor experience for the local community and visitors to Stromness Museum.

This project was supported by the Orkney Islands Council’s Community Development Fund and Economic Development Grant Scheme, The John Ellerman Foundation and HIE.