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Surrendering German sailors. Orkney Library & Archive.
Tom Muir | 24th October 2019
Guest blog by Tom Muir on the murder of German sailor Kuno Eversberg.
Dr Joanne Porter | 14th October 2019
Guest blog from Dr Joanne Porter on the discovery on a fan mussel while diving on the wreck of SMS Karlsruhe.  Dr Joanne Porter is Associate Professor and Acting Director/Director of Studies at International Centre Island Technology, Heriot Watt University.
Katy Firth | 14th October 2019
Exhibition Assistant Katy Firth translates two postcards, written by loved ones in Germany, to sailors on the interned German High Seas Fleet.  The postcards give us a small glimpse into the lives of the people who wrote and received them, illuminating their thoughts, experiences and insecurities.  
Katy Firth | 18th August 2019
Exhibition Assistant Katy Firth shares her experience of running animation workshops for the first time.
Janette Park | 4th July 2019
Janette Park looks at the story behind the scuttling of the German High Seas Fleet in Scapa Flow on 21st June 1919. This will be commemorated by the Scapa 100 Initiative, which will include an exhibition here at Stromness Museum in 2019.