Three balls of lignaeum vitae (?), part of herring boat rigging.

ID: 1976.035

Sheave from rigging of ship.

ID: 1976.036
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Deadeye found in a sailhouse in Skaill.
ID: 1976.037
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Track chart with voyage around the globe plotted in pencil. 'Shaw Savill and Albion Line and Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line Track Chart'.
ID: 1976.038
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Advertizing card for Crawfords biscuits. It has a picture of a little girl with a pink dress, with a white apron on top. She is in a meadow blowing a dandilion clock.
ID: 1976.039.01
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Folding two dimensional card advert for Cadbury's Coca Essence. Front looks like a coca tin with a picture of coca beans hanging from a plant.
ID: 1976.039.02
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Testimonials showing the value of Holloway's Pills and ointments.
ID: 1976.039.03
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Advert cyting 'Triticine, food for Infants, Invalids and Everybody - try it'.
ID: 1976.039.04
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Advertising promotion for Mason's Coffee Essence. Footballs given away and samples bottles of Mason's Coffee Essence.
ID: 1976.039.05
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Advert card with the picture of a milk maid carrying a bag of Horlick's Malted Milk.
ID: 1976.039.06