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Clay pipe. Made to commemorate the Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition of 1851. It has a relief of the Crystal Palace round the bowl showing flags flying from the towers.

ID: 1974.001
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Sea-boot last, made at Lyon's Smiddy, Brig O'Waithe. C. 1870s.
ID: 1974.002
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Two fragments of ore.
ID: 1974.003
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'Jawbreaker', used for breaking in horses.
ID: 1974.004
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Pair of tongs - ? local smiddy-made.
ID: 1974.005
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Multiple tool from plane that crashed near Stromness in the second world war.
ID: 1974.006
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Large wooden crochet hook.
ID: 1974.007
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Chipping hammer used for chipping steamship boilers.
ID: 1974.008

Model of full rigged ship 'Lizzie'.

ID: 1974.009
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Two whalers' flensing knives.

ID: 1974.010